Friday, April 1, 2011

Add-ons management speed up IE9

Just wanted to share I noticed something today about Internet Explorer 9. One of the things I quite like is they have really thought about addons. As every browser nowadays supports a gazillion plugins, it might be handy to see what kind of an impact those addons or plugins have on your browsing experience. As someone who used to have 10 to 15+  plugins in my Firefox days, this is a good thing.

Anyway, I open up IE9 today to check something, and I see this bar on the downside of the window:

Pleasantly surprised by this new feature I clicked the 'Choose add-ons' button, which led to the following window:
As you can see this keeps track of how much delay you get in your browsing by your addons. I think the window speaks for itself. Even though I don't have that much plugins running at the moment, at least now I have to ability to see if  any are misbehaving, and disable those. All in all a handy addition to IE9 which I applaud.

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