Saturday, December 19, 2009

Booting multiple OS's from USB stick has an excellent article on this, can't really add more to it :)
Check it out at:

Windows 7 as Wifi AP ?

Just came across a really interesting article which claims the full version (non beta/RC or starter versions) of Windows 7 can turn your wifi adapter into a wireless AP!

Securing a USB stick

USB sticks, we all put our vital information on it as they're extremely handy to take with you. Downside is that because they're so small, there's a tendency to lose them. Making sure others can't read your private information in case you lose it is a must for most people (like me). Therefor I had a look into encryption techniques:

Friday, December 18, 2009

first writeup

This is the first post on this blog.
Still testing how blogger works, but other then that (and having to think about 30 min before coming up with this name...sigh) i've started :)

I hope to publish a lot of interesting articles here in the coming months about anything that I get in touch with IT-wise.