Sunday, February 21, 2010

Windows 7 DVD can install any version

I recently noticed you can install any version of windows 7 with the same DVD. All this requires is modifying or deleting one file on the iso and your done. Let's get to it then shall we;

How to upgrade your Windows 7 RC to Enterprise

Windows 7 doesn't allow you to do an upgrade over the release candidate version. There is however a quite simple way to fool the installer into doing just that.

Ubuntu disk i/o analysis

Very quick rundown of some commands can tell you things about your disk IO. If I feel like it in the future, I'll expand this to a more documented post.

Organizing Windows desktop icons with Fences

 I frequently get annoyed by apps changing the way I've organized my desktop icons. Only recently I found an excellent program to deal with this once and for all. It's called Fences (by Stardock). It let's you create little boxes or 'fences' where you can drag icons into. Once in a fence you can move the fence or resize it, but all the icons will nicely stay in it.

In contrary to their usual software, this one isn't annoying and it's free for personal usage.
Get it at the Stardocks website.

I'll add one of the screenshots so you've got a bit of an idea how it looks: