Sunday, February 21, 2010

Windows 7 DVD can install any version

I recently noticed you can install any version of windows 7 with the same DVD. All this requires is modifying or deleting one file on the iso and your done. Let's get to it then shall we;

First off, you can choose if you're going to copy the entire contents of the DVD to hard disk, or get sneaky and edit the actual ISO to take the file out. For now I'll stick with proof of concept and just copy it to hard disk. After copying, locate the file ei.conf in the sources directory. Open it in your favorite editor, it will look something like:
The Ultimate here is what decides the version is, possibilities are:
  • Ultimate
  • Professional
  • HomePremium
  • HomeBasic
  • Starter
Or just delete it :)
If this file actually does not exist, windows will ask for the version, which is what we want.
If your successfull, it should look something like the following:

ps. Of course you still need a valid key to install... 

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