Sunday, February 27, 2011

Simple samba file server setup

As it's nice and simple to do pc to pc file activities through a samba file server, let's set this up.

Smart monitoring of harddiscs

Now we have exim4 email setup on our server, it would be nice to get alerts of impending doom for our harddiscs. So let's setup smart monitoring with smartmontools.

Exim4 to Gmail with ubuntu

It's handy if your server can mail you alerts (think smartmon and the likes), and as gmail completely allows this and most people have a gmail account anyway, let's do a quick setup of the exim4 email server.

Just create a new email address at gmail, so we dont run into trouble with exim4 accidently sending so much messages your gmail account becomes blocked for suspected spamming and such.

Setting up a permanent ubuntu SSH tunnel

My home system is behind a router I do not control (yet :). This means port forwarding so I can remotely reach my machine might seem impossible. Or not....
All you really need is a good (trustworthy) friend with his own server, and a little ssh tunneling magic.

Today I'll make a permanent password less (auto)ssh tunnel that binds local port 22 (ssh) to 11122 on a remote machine, so that when i login to the remote machine from anywhere, all i have to do is ssh to port 11122 and voila, i'm on my own supposedly unreachable server.