Sunday, January 30, 2011

Trying out the AppInventor: FingerPaddle

I've been toying around with programming something with the new (ßeta) Google AppInventor, which allows you to create simple applications for android with almost no code. For this I decided to make a sort of paddle game, a bit alike Arkanoid (only without the bricks for now ;)
This little gadget does utilize a bit of a hack with arrangements to use multiple screens (as you can see)
Attached is the full source code (including gfx & sound), and the .apk which if you open it up, will install the 'game'.

Now remember, this was only a tryout and is missing a lot of options which would actually make it a viable game. Things like better graphics & sound effects and of course the addition of a high score table (on device, possibly on the web with TinyDB), etc..
But it will give you a nice intro into how AppInventor works, just play around with it! :)

To view another screen: make one visible and the other 2 invisible: VerticalArrangementMain, VerticalArrangementHistory or Canvas1.

apk link 1.1 MiB apk file v0.3ß (what you can install on phone)
source code link 45 KiB zip file v0.3ß (what you load into the AppInventor)

Have fun!

ps. yes, I know I used a lot of horizontal/vertical arrangements... went a bit overboard on those trying to position everything a bit more normal

Some screenshots (from the emulator & AppInventor suite)

version history

actual gamescreen
AppInventor (click to enlarge)
Blocks editor (click to enlarge)

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  1. rofl, renamed the paddle just before upload, and when i checked out the game a bit more, i discovered it had broken...
    corrected the .apk and source files...sorry! ;)